FNR Properties INC

About Us

....    Because we understand there is a big difference between an owner and a manager    ....
@ FNR Properties Inc. we are dedicated to keeping your investment property in premium condition. Starting as property owners ourselves, with both short and long term rentals, we understand our owners needs and treat there homes as we would our own. We pride ourselves on the service we offer our homeowners and just as importantly their guests!

Long term rentals

- Is your property rental ready?

- Looking for a qualified tenant for your rental property?

- Would you like to ensure a regular maintenance and inspection of your property?

- At FNR we are ready to help you put your home to work!

Vacation rental management

Dedicated housekeeping staff - Quality housekeeping is key to getting those five star reviews your home deserves . The members of our housekeeping team ensure that your house shines after each departure and prepares the house to wow each new arrival!

Home inspections-To protect your investment routine inspections are important and small maintenance required.  Our team will inspect your property after each departure to assess any damage and to address any required maintenance! Pool service- One of the most important elements of your Florida rental home! Excellent pool service is a must! We will insure that your pool and pool deck are maintained just as well as the interior of your house!

Quality landscaping-Curb appeal is everything! Our landscaping team will keep your yard beautiful year round! Pest control- Not to be neglected in sunny Florida, regular pest control is very important. All of our homes are treated regularly and inspected for any signs of unwanted pests!

Whatever your property management needs we offer the solutions!  Contact us today to learn more about us & our unique and dedicated management services